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The Perfect Backyard Wedding!

Sometimes there’s a wedding… and it’s perfect! That is definitely the case with Carrie and Andrew’s wedding last July! Their backyard wedding will go down as one of my all time favorites… ever!

Carrie and Andrew are also quite possibly one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with. And, that’s saying a lot because I’ve worked with many amazing couples! They were pretty clear about what they wanted and they were so easy to work with. A wedding planners dream! They did such an amazing job with all of their personal details from the many, many handmade cranes to Carrie’s DIY escort card display! What a privilege to be a part of this special day!!

Carrie and Andrew1

carrie and andrew2

The perfect couple… the perfect wedding… what more could a wedding planner ask for? How about perfect vendors… done!

  • Caterer: Rice Thai Tapas
  • Event Staffing: Argyle Events
  • Bar Services: Liquid Catering
  • Rentals: Premiere Party Rents
  • Lighting: Premier Lighting
  • Photography: Gabriel Boone Photography
  • Videographer: Daniel Chen
  • Floral Design: Peony & Plum
  • DJ: Blackbook Social Club-DJ Tessa
  • Donuts: Earl’s Donuts
    To see more photos from Carrie & Andrew’s wedding, please click here to see the full gallery.


    The Knot Best of Weddings Award!

    We are proud to announce that Love & Elegance has received The Knot Best of Weddings 2013 Pick!!!

    Thank you, again, to all of my past clients, the amazing vendors that I have worked with and my team of coordinators who give their time and expertise at every wedding! A special thanks to Mary, for teaching me the ropes and helping me begin this amazing adventure! Thank you to my family and friends, especially my husband, Matt, for your love and support! Without each and every one of you, this would not be possible! Thank you!


    Wedding Discounts from Groupon

    No matter what your wedding budget is, everyone wants the best deal possible. Whether you are in the planning process looking for a venue, stationary, jewelry, personalized favors or you have already tied the knot and you are looking to get your wedding gown cleaned or to do something creative with your photos, Groupon has a deal for you!

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    Personalizing your Wedding with Wine

    Two of my favorite things… wine and weddings! There are so many ways to incorporate wine and wine related elements into your wedding. But for right now, I’m just going to share how we decided to include several of our favorite wines at our wedding without paying a fortune on corkage fees. It was important to us to get married at a vineyard and when you get married at a vineyard, you have to serve their wines or pay a corkage fee on every bottle that is not theirs. We were pretty happy with our venue’s wine but because we are such wine lovers, we had several other favorite wines that we wanted to share but didn’t want to pay a corkage fee for numerous cases of wine. So we chose 14 different bottles of wines that were special to us for one reason or another and placed a bottle at every table. For instance, our table had a signed bottle of Saarloos & Sons Bubbly, which, incidentally, was the only bottle of sparkling wine at our wedding. This wine was very special to us, not only because we love Keith and his wines, but because we opened a bottle on the night we got engaged. On the back of every menu, we wrote information about the wine and why it was special to us. This way, we got to share our favorite wines with our personal feelings or story about each wine and we only had to pay a corkage fee for those 14 bottles of wine.

    During dinner service, we went around to each table to share a taste of the wines with everyone. While we did that, we took a picture with everyone at the table. It was a nice opportunity to share a few moments and to share the wine with them. It was also a good way to get at least one picture with everyone at the wedding.

    It meant a lot to us to be able to share these wines with our family and friends. Here is a list of all the wines we shared…

    Cakebread Reserve Chardonnay
    Catena Malbec
    Chateau Montelena Cabernet
    Demetria Cuvee Constantine
    Frank Family Reserve Zinfandel
    Jaffe Estate Transformation
    Melville Estate Pinot Noir
    Orin Swift Mercury Head
    Orin Swift The Prisoner
    Saarloos & Sons mrS. Pinot Noir
    Saarloos Bubbly
    Tobin James Petit Syrah
    Vines on the Marycrest My Generation
    Vines on the Marycrest Summertime


    Custom Wedding Cocktails

    Fancy cocktails are making appearances at more than just your local hipster bar, custom cocktail companies looking to create that perfect signature drink for the bride and groom’s special day are popping up all over the US. It can add that personal touch and, along with the ceremony and ensuing dinner/dance party, make that cocktail reception something to remember.
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    Just Engaged? Here is a list of things you should do next…

    Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone! How many marriage proposals were there? I bet there were quite a few!! If you find yourself engaged this February 15th, here are a few helpful tips on what you should do now…

    1. Don’t panic!!! Once you announce your engagement you will be bombarded with questions. First, everyone will want to know how he proposed. Then, everyone will want to know when is the big day? Don’t stress! Take some time to celebrate your engagement and don’t worry about answering everyone’s questions. It’s perfectly acceptable to tell them you don’t know yet and that you are just enjoying the moment!
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