Adventures at an Escort Card Table

As a wedding and event planner, I pay attention to every aspect of a wedding or event. Maybe it’s also the mom in me (i.e., the eyes in the back of my head) that helps me do it, but whether I’m planning an event or attending it, I notice everything! And people, in general, never cease to amaze. I may have to start taking notes and do a regular post about it, but for now, I’m just going to share a few things that I witnessed a few weeks ago at an escort card table…

First, I witnessed a little old man pick up and put back down each and every escort card so he could bring it to his eyes to read it. I offered my help to find his card but he was not interested in my help at all, and, needless to say, he did not place the cards back on the table in the neat and orderly fashion that they were originally displayed. It was sweet and maybe a little comical, but honestly, we spent a lot of time carefully placing those 150+ escort cards. So… what are you gonna do? Just smile, remind yourself that he’s somebody’s grandpa, then fix it when he walks away.

Then, a young man walks up and sets his empty glass and his appetizer left overs wrapped in a napkin on the escort card table as people are arriving and picking up their cards. Does that look like a place to put your trash? NO! In fact, it was quite a beautiful display. I just don’t get some people!! So… what are you gonna do? Just smile, be happy that he is not my son, then pick up the glass/trash and carry on.

And finally, brace yourself because this one is hard to believe, a grown woman was looking at all the escort cards to see who still had not arrived and while she was looking them over, she was flossing her teeth! It was pretty gross! So… what are you gonna do? Just smile, be aware of your facial expression, then walk away to go check on the bride and groom!

If you have witnessed anything that you would like to share, please comment to this post, send me an email, post to Facebook or Tweet it! I’d LOVE to hear from you!!